From an early age I have loved the experience of travel. It opens up your eyes and mind to a world full of difference and adventure. So put on your travel shoes and step out of your comfort zone and into the most amazing world that awaits...

My Story

Born in Scotland, as a small child I sailed across the equator with my family and migrated to Australia. I have always been fascinated by foreign lands and the enriching experiences they offer.

The wonderment of new horizons full of stunning architecture, the beckoning of church bells in tiny cobbled villages, the aroma of freshly brewed espresso, or crunching into the sweetness of ripe coconut, expertly cut, after falling from swaying fronds...   It's a never-ending tapestry of discovery and one I will always have a passion for.

In writing my blog I hope to inspire and open your eyes to the unique journey we can all embark on.